Creation's Blueprint: Discovering God's Order

Creation's Blueprint: Discovering God's Order

The Bible starts in Genesis 1:1 with, “In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth.” This verse sets some primary points of the Bible. First, God existed before there was a beginning of anything (the earth, the planets, the moon, the sun, the stars), because God created them all. What a mind-boggling concept, that God could exist before there was anything! But, since He is the only true and living God (who has all power, all knowledge and all wisdom) and is not bound by any of creation; He can and did exist before there was anything. It is difficult, if not impossible, for our finite minds to grasp that God is eternal (past and future).

God created laws that the universe must obey.

Secondly, God created all that exists and by Him all things consist (Colossians 1:16-17). Because God has all knowledge, all wisdom and all power; He not only knew how to create everything when there was nothing, but He had the ability (power) to speak them into existence (Genesis chapter 1). Everything God created was created in an orderly manner and was created to continue in an orderly manner. Not only did God create those things that can be seen, but He also created those things which cannot be seen. In order to have order, there must be rules or laws by which the order is maintained. For example, if there were no speed limits on the roads and highway, then everyone could drive at whatever speed they choose. If there were no road signs to direct people on where to drive and how to drive, there would be great chaos on the roads and highways, with many people being harmed or killed. In like manner, God created laws that the universe must obey. The law of gravity holds all things on the earth’s surface. The law of the water flow allows it to spread, while other properties of water cause it to be contained. The laws of physics allow the moon to rotate about the earth. It allows the earth to rotate about the sun, and it allows the planets to rotate about the sun in their own path and their own speed. There are many more laws created by God for the orderly existence of creation, including our own human bodies.

We brought nothing into this world.

Thirdly, since God created all things, then all things belong to Him. Whatever we have was loaned to us by God to provide for our needs, our family’s needs and to serve Him. When we were born, we brought nothing into this world and when we die, we take nothing with us. All things came from God and all things return to God, for Him to use according to His will (Romans 11:36).

What a great and loving God we have. We need to give Him all the glory, for He and He alone is worthy.

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